Day 1 – Avatar Enhanced Virtual Improv

Today I like this article at USA Today about motion gaming, not so much because of the gaming function, and because the Wii just got upstaged in their own category, but because IMHO this is the tip of a very cool iceberg that is slowly floating our way in the form gesture based interactions with media.

Gestural interaction with your computer is one thing, but I’m predicting:

WMZ Business Idea #1:

Avatar enhanced improv games where you interact with other virtual players and create a virtual show, with lurker lounge/green room capability for players who want to get onstage next. This could get pretty diverse and be free for all, or monitored, or even MC’d. Plus you could rehearse and practice both improv and actual theatre, and even do staged readings.

This is December 20, 2010 (my birthday, by the way). You saw it here first.

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