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When USA Today came out people wondered if a national newspaper would even work. It hadn’t been done before. Answer: BIG yes.

A similar question might have been asked about Website Magazine, i.e. – why start a magazine about websites when you could have (drumroll…)  a website? It does seem odd, and in some ways it IS odd. After all, they have a print magazine about websites, and a website about their print magazine about websites (

But despite all that, I still am starting to think that you may not be totally serious about web marketing if you don’t subscribe (or get the free issues) of this mag. I read my incoming issues cover to cover, and even dog-ear certain pages that have things I should either do or investigate.

It’s not that often that I find things (or have time for all the things) that stretch me as a web marketing guy, but I find something of that nature in every issue of this publication.

Just in the February 2011 issue I bent over the corners of (or at least read with  interest) articles on:

  • Why the smart money is on Paypal [I’m interested in micropayments, which the artcle discusses]
  • Exploring the Yahoo Contributor Network [more on this later]
  • The 50 Top social media solutions [I should look at them all, I know]
  • 2011 SEO checkup
  • Dealing with findability disasters [damage control when customers flame you]
  • Advertising exchanges [emerging online ad model]
  • The Yahoo/Microsoft Merger [tweaking your new Bing account]
  • 10 Golden Principles for a Successful Web App [I have SOOO many app ideas]
  • LinkedIn Secrets to Success [still a slacker here]
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Tips of Successfully Managing a site redesign [lily to be the story of my year here at MUM]

All useful stuff. Most intriguing, however, was the article on the Yahoo Contributor Network, which is posted on their site. I hadn’t realized that there were such robust technologies in place to empower and pay content contributors, i.e – writers. That’s me.

And doesn’t that just look like a fun retirement activity, if by retirement you mean you can do whatever you want, live anywhere and just write a little bit now and then for movie money via residuals.

There is still something to be said for aggregated, edited, high quality content. Getting it all in a print publication is both retro and quaint, in a way, but gives the material a focus that is often quickly diffused online.

It’s working for me.

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