Paul Stokstad has served on faculty at MUM.edu in a number of capacities. In the 1990’s he administered a part-time MA in Professional Writing, and taught Advertising Copywriting, Journalism, Poetry, Comedy Writing and Portfolio Development in ┬áboth the full and part-time program.

More recently he taught courses in Advertising and Web Marketing in  the MBA program.

Professionally he spent many years in the print advertising world as a copywriter, account executive, print broker and boutique agency principal. In 1996 he heard about the Mosaic browser and entered the world of web marketing, never to return.

His main interests in the online space include usable websites, SEO, PPC, and the conversion of the couch potato to a couch participant.

He is an avid watcher and consumer of new tech, and spends more time and money at the Apple App store than is truly normal.

Really Big Right now:

  • Angry Birds
  • Plants versus zombies
  • Osmos
  • World of Goo

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